Hillary Running? Christie’s Odds? Here’s a Predictions Quiz for 2014

By Mike Feinsilber

1. By this time next year, the Washington professional football team will not be known as the Redskins.   ___ Yes ___ No

2. A year ago, polls put approval of President Obama’s job performance at 54%. Last week, his approval rating stood at 43%. Where will his rating stand this time next year?   ____ %

3. In 2014, will a bill providing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants now in the country become law?  ___ Yes ___ No

4. Same-sex marriage is legal in D.C. and 18 states (including Utah for the moment). By this time last year, only six states had approved. In how many states will he be able to marry him this time next year? ____

5. Will Hillary Clinton be running for the Democratic nomination this time next year? ___ Yes ___ No

6. Who will be the Dems’ front-runner this time next year if Hillary removes herself from the race in a no-nonsense Shermanesque way? __________________.

7. If someone wanted to bet you this time next year that Chris Christie would not be the GOP  nominee, what odds would you insist on before taking  that bet? ____ to ____

8. Many Democrats would like to see one or more of the older Democratic appointees on the Supreme Court step down in 2014 so Obama could nominate a younger candidate for the court. Will Obama get a Supreme Court vacancy in 2014?  ____ Yes  ____ No

9. The Washington Nationals, who started the 2013 season talking World Series, finished with a record of 86-76. How many of their 162 games will they win in 2014?  _____

10. By the end of 2013, the average price in the U.S. for a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.26. (By the end of 2012 it was $3.33.) What will it be by this time next year? $_____

11.  By this time next year, will the Washington Post be published every day in ink, on paper, by presses?  ____ Yes ____ No

Send your answers to [email protected] and if you get more right than he does, you’ll get a good mention in his 2014 end-of-the-year column.

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