A Year Ago We Asked What Will Happen in 2013? Here Are the Answers.

By Mike Feinsilber

Here’s a 2013 predictions quiz we posted a year ago. I promised the answers; here they are in bold.

1. The Census Bureau estimates the U.S. population as of 12/28/2012 at 315,010,174 and world population at 7,061,123,280. What will those numbers be at this time next year? Answer: U.S. 315,091,138; World 7,139,643,454.

2. As 2012 ended, the District of Columbia and nine states—Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and Washington—recognized same-sex marriage. What will the number be this time next year? Answer: 17, plus the District of Columbia, with Utah still up in the air. The 17: California, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey,  New Mexico, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Washington.

3. The Supreme Court will hear two cases challenging state and federal laws that define marriage as a union of a man and a woman. The court could establish a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. Will it? Answer: No.

4. Will President Obama nominate Chuck Hagel to be secretary of defense and, if he does, will the Senate confirm? Answer: Yes & yes.

5. How many Supreme Court vacancies will President Obama fill in 2013?  Answer: None.

6. Will millionaires be subjected to higher tax rates in 2013? Answer: No.

7. To fill John Kerry’s Senate seat, will Scott Brown be the GOP nominee? Will the Democratic nominee bear the last name  Kennedy? Will the Republican nominee win? Answer: Democrat Ed Markey beat Republican Gabriel Gomez in a special election on June 25, 2013.

8. Will John Boehner be the speaker of the House this time next year? Answer: Yes.

9. Will Congress enact gun control legislation in 2013 that bans the manufacture, sale or possession of high-capacity magazines? Answer: No.

10. Will David Gregory be prosecuted for showing a high-capacity magazine on “Meet the Press” after being advised by the DC Police Department that having even an empty magazine in DC violates the law? Answer: No.

11. Who will appear to be the early frontrunner by this time next year for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination? Democratic frontrunner? Answer: Prior to January 9, 2014: Chris Christie was the GOP frontrunner; Hillary Clinton was the Democratic frontrunner.

12. Will Nouri al-Malik be Iraq’s prime minister this time next year? Answer: Yes.

13. Facebook went public in May at $38 a share and it’s now at $26. Where will it be this time next year?  Answer: On 12/31/13 Facebook closed at $54.65 (though in June it was as low as $23).

14. The National League’s San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World  Series, beating the American League’s Detroit Tigers in the seventh game. Which two teams will meet in the 2013 series? Answer: The Boston Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in six games.

15. Before the start of the 2012 season, manager Davey Johnson predicted his Washington Nationals would win the National League East championship. And they did, with the best record in major league baseball: the Nats won 98 games and lost 64. (In 2009, the Nationals won 59 and lost 103, the worst record in major league baseball that year.) Will the Nationals win the National League pennant in 2013? How many games will they win and lose in 2013? Answer: No, the St. Louis Cardinals won the pennant, the Nationals won 86 games, lost 76.

16. In October, 2009, the U.S. unemployment rate was 10.2%, its highest level in 26 years. In November, 2012 it stood at 7.7%. Where will it stand this time next year? Answer: 6.7%.

17. Will Rupert Murdoch buy the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, and the other newspapers in the struggling Tribune Company? Answer: No.

18. The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in the U.S. as of 12/24/2012 was $3.33. Where will it stand in a year? Answer:  $3.26.

19. Let’s go to the movies. L.A.Times critic Ken Turan picks Amour as his top movie of 2012. Here are others mentioned as possible winners of the 2013 Oscar for best picture. Pick the one you think will get the Oscar: Amour, Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, Wuthering Heights, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Les  Miserables, Skyfall, Life of Pi, Argo, The Dark Knight Rises, Rust and Bones, Footnote, Silver Lining Playbook, The Deep Blue Sea. Answer: Argo won.

20. The D-J Industrials closed at 13.104 on 12/31/2012, up 7.3% for the year. Will it close above that this time next year? Answer: D-J closed at 16,405.

21 .Will the Euro still exist as a valid currency? Answer: Yes.

22.  Michael Bloomberg will be looking for work this time next year. Will he take a position—even a temporary one as head of a commission—in the Obama administration? Answer: No.

23. Will all four Obamas walk for a distance on Pennsylvania Avenue on Sunday, January 20, 2013? Answer: No, the daughters didn’t.

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