Readers: Your Help Is Wanted

A note from Mike Feinsilber…

We’d like to do a posting on the books that journalists read over and over—and why they found those books helpful or inspirational,

If you wrote or edited, or still do, and you have a book like that in mind, please tell us about it: How you tumbled on the book, what your initial reaction was, whether you find new insights each time you re-read it, whether you recommend that book to others in the word business, what, in a sentence or two, you got out of the book. Also  a short summary of what the book is about. Do you read other books by the same author? Do you dip into that book when you’re having trouble getting started on a writing project?

A hundred words would do it, and so would a few hundred. The book can be, but need not be, about journalism. It can be non-fiction or fiction. Write your contribution in a way we can simply cut and paste it. We envision running several installments over the next few weeks, each carrying three or four contributions.

Please include your name and we’d like a one or two sentence summary of your career.

Just to be arbitrary, here’s a deadline. Please submit before April 15. Send your contribution to: [email protected]. And, on behalf of your book’s future inspired readers, thanks.

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