Editors at Work: “Her Leather Cloak of Invincibility”

Women’s Wear Daily on October 29, 2012:

FAVORITE JACKETS: The Monday after she revealed the closure of print Newsweek, Tina Brown was on Charlie Rose wearing a familiar burgundy leather jacket. In her leather duds, she had a certain Brando swagger, an “I’ll survive this, too” defiance. She had already been grilled on the digital upheaval by Howard Kurtz and the gang at “Morning Joe.”

She has worn the jacket on TV often, so that it seemed this was the one item of clothing in her wardrobe she reached for in times of duress, her leather cloak of invincibility, her shield against schadenfreude. But that is not the case, her spokesman pointed out. “She has several leather jackets: cream (by Ralph Lauren and one by Carolina Herrera), black (Coach), brown, so it is not accurate to say she is always wearing the same jacket on air,” he wrote over e-mail. Upon a review of Brown’s TV appearances, the spokesman was proven correct. With her reputation as a taskmaster, it is no surprise Brown would be into leather, if only on the tube. The burgundy jacket, by the way, is Carolina Herrera.

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