Good Novels, Good Writing

By Jack Limpert

Two terrific new novels, both set in France:

Alan Furst is back on the bestseller lists with Mission to Paris—it’s the time just before the Nazis invade and it shows how the Germans used the temptations of romance, money, and power to soften French resistance. Furst loves good wine, interesting people, and the hard moral choices such people sometimes have to make.

Peter Steiner, the cartoonist and writer, is back with The Resistance, his fourth novel set in the French countryside—this time during World War II. He takes you to a small town where the Nazis are in control and the residents have to decide whether to resist or collaborate. It’s one of those thrillers that has real people making choices involving honor and decency, life and death. It’s a great read, and it makes you think about what you might do in such times.

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