10 Things an Editor Doesn’t Want to Hear from a Writer

I wrote a lot for my high school paper.

My favorite writer is Hunter Thompson.

I can write pretty much any kind of story.

I usually get $3 a word.

This will be an award-winning article.

Will you pay all my expenses?

I hope you won’t edit the style out of my story.

If I get sued, do you pay for the lawyer?

And then there’s this…

This isn’t the piece we talked about but I think you’ll like it.

I went a little over the word count on this one.

Please send along other things writers say that editors really don’t want to hear. Coming soon: 10 Things Writers Really Don’t Want to Hear from Editors.


  1. My favorite writer line actually came from my time working as a press aide on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2004: I was trying to find time for a Rolling Stone writer to interview the governor and offered him an hour-long slot aboard the campaign plane. Needless to say, late in the campaign, an hour-long slot was a huge challenge to find, so we really liked doing them during drives or flights. It wasn’t ideal as a reporter, I knew, but we always figured something was better than nothing.

    The writer’s response was, “The only in-flight interviews I’ve ever done have been aboard Air Force One.”

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