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Looking at Writers and Writing

By Jack Limpert

The Sunday New York Times Book Review has fun today with writers and writing. Some glimpses:

Colson Whitehead makes fun of any list of rules about writing with “How to Write.” He has 10 rules (among them “Don’t go searching for your subject, let your subject find you,” “Write what you know,” “Never use three words when one will do,” etc.) that he mostly laughs at. An example: “Rule No. 7: Writer’s block is a tool—use it. When asked why you haven’t produced anything lately, just say, ‘I’m blocked.’ Since most people think that writing is some mystical process where characters ‘talk to you’ and you can hear their voices in your head, being blocked is the perfect cover for when you just don’t feel like working. The gods of creativity bless you, it’s out of your hands, and what not.” Whitehead’s Rule No. 11 is “There are no rules. If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?”

Writer’s Block: When the Words Won’t Come

By Jack Limpert

I’ve worked with lots of writers and the worst case of writer’s block involved one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. When we hired him at The Washingtonian, he had come from the museum world. He had a great education and interesting mind and he got off to a promising start. After about a year he began to freeze up and miss deadlines. We both knew this couldn’t go on very long.

Then one afternoon he came in, looking happy, and said, “Jack, we’ve figured it out. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist. He says it’s either fear of success or fear of failure.”

What Works in One City Magazine

What Kind of Magazine Is It?
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