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Editors at Work: Finding Good Story Ideas

By Lee Walburn

It all begins with ideas.

So, where do ideas come from? The answer is everywhere.

While at the hair stylist, listen to what people are talking about. Do that in the checkout line at the supermarket. Do it at the neighborhood saloon. Do it wherever people congregate and talk. What seems to be concerning them? What’s the meat of their gossip? What about their jokes and their stories? What are they buying? Has the news of the day had any impact on their lives? Are they excited about anything or anyone?

Editors at Work: Saying Yes and No

By Jack Limpert

As a magazine editor, you knew going to work in the morning that you’d be saying a lot of yes and no as the day went on. Is this story going to run in September? Should we lead with this photo? Available for lunch with the publisher tomorrow? Any raises going to be given out mid-year?